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I love scavenger hunts. They are challenging, fun, gives you a good surprise and the best of all you feel like you achieved something at the end when you found all the goodies! I also like quirky, nerdy, Boho fashion. It’s eclectic and funky, it also totally allows you to mix it up and make it cool no matter the weather. So if these were put together I would be totally ecstatic! This is where Second Life came in. I first heard about grid wide hunts about two years ago when my friend and I, who were at that point designing clothes in SL, were approached for one of the hunts to sponsor clothing at our store. We were to provide a clue for the participants of the hunt and allow them to wander our store in search of the clue and find their hidden prize. I loved this idea and soon started participating in some of the hunts. Though I don’t have the time to go on SL as often as I would like anymore, you can be sure that when I do, I am usually have my hunting cap on (sometimes literally) and I’m hunting away. (My Inventory is overflowing because of this!~ :O)

The most recent hunt I am working on is called the Endless Summer Hunt ( They have about 50 designers sponsoring this hunt, so that’s 50 stores to go and look around in and find your unexpected gifts! I just started the hunt so I was able to find about 7 of them.


Hanging                                                                                                                                  Cryotank



The dress that my avatar is wearing is is call the Taylor dress and is created by the members at ~Sassy!~. It was a part of the Endless Summer Hunt. Its a pretty blue color, with white and pink flowers on it. It has a good texture and is adjustable to your avatar shape. Its 0 L as are all the things in the hunt! I also have on the Phoebe Totem necklace for women. It is probably one of the first necklaces that fits right on my avatar without any adjustment. ^o^!

I showed 4 pictures with my avatar above to show that SL also has a host of photography options. There are numerous “do it yourself” studios, which offer a host of scenes and poses which you can set your avatar with. You can also go sim (simulation) hopping and find a variety of sims which have pose balls and unleash the inner photographer through the world of Second Life.

I enjoy using new media such as Second Life for passing some time. Its mostly for scavenger hunts, since I am not able to find that many in real life. This is definitely a good way to pass some time, meet some interesting people, and definitely enjoy some really great creations from people all over the world.


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  1. I think that those scavenger hunts are pretty cool! That’s a pretty smart way to encourage engagement in SecondLife as well as with designers and stores. It’s both a way to market and a new way to make the game/world more fun. It’s really interesting hearing about this, because most games aren’t able to do something like sponsored scavenger hunts. These virtual worlds are able to bring fictional gaming life and the real world together; a function that is a real distinguisher from other gaming media.

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