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The Next New Thing- Holographic Communication


Holographic Communication in Star Wars (Photo Credit to: Wallpaperup.com)

Star Wars, one of the most revolutionary and iconic movies ever made also has a number of new media technologies that would help us go a long way. I think the next new thing will definitely be holographic communications.

Communication is the key thing that holds a society together. Be it talking, phone messages, emails, or Instant messaging all these tools help promote communication. We are already halfway there, video communication over millions of miles is probably the first step towards the path of holographic communication.

With the growing number of people telecommuting to work this form of communication would only make it easier. Being at work in a holographic form would allow the person to have the feeling of being at work. It would also foster more productivity for the whole team knowing that the person is actually working and not slacking off. It would motivate the person to actually work at home instead of being distracted by the different things that happen around them while they are at home. It can have other applications as well. It can be used by rescue workers to provide a holographic image of the people hurt in the rescue and follow the doctors commands over the holographic communicator. It could also revolutionize the way teaching is done, by allowing guest lecturers to be present in a class without having to spend time traveling or even paying an expensive flight ticket. The applications of such a technology will be limitless in any field.

Current use of Holograms- Vocaloid (Okaygeek.com)

The picture above is an illustration of how holographic technology is being used today. The above is an anime character named Hatsune Miku who is a part of the group called Vocaloid. This group gives holographic concert tours all across the world and are wildly famous. Using the holographic technology (like above) which already exists and integrating a voice over IP software into the holograph creator, the possibility of a very Star Wars like holographic communication might be very real within the next few years. Till then we can be happy watching Yoda, may the force be with you.

Yoda Hologram ( Photo Credit- Watchonepeicepoint.com)